AFI apologizes over allegations levelled by PT Usha

      The Athletics Federation of India (AFI) on Tuesday apologized to P T Usha after she alleged that she was humiliated by organizers over provision of suitable accommodation during the ongoing National Open Athletics Championship in Bhopal. "It is not good that she cries on national television. But, you have to see the circumstances in which this happened. We are sorry about this, but it was due to a communication gap. However, we have spoke to her and she is fine with the current arrangements. She has definitely made her nation proud and she will be taken care of," said Lalit Bhanot, AFI Secretary. Earlier on Tuesday, Usha, who is in Bhopal as the coach of the athletics team, said that she was unhappy with the accommodation provided to her by the organizers. She said when she asked for better accommodation, the officials refused it. "I have helped India in winning 102 medals. I was not expecting this type of treatment, but what can I do? This is the condition of sports in India and that is why we are at the bottom in world meets. The treatment of officials has hurt my feelings," Usha said. Meanwhile, the Madhya Pradesh Government has asked the sports director to probe the incident. Several sports officials have met Usha and apologised for the incident. Mumtaz Khan, the Secretary of the Madhya Pradesh Amateur Athlete Association, said that they never had any intention of providing bad accommodation to anyone. "She (Usha) knows me well. Whenever she came here, she has received good treatment, she is a national heritage, I never thought of giving bad accommodation to her or any other athlete. I have apologized for what has happened," Khan said.

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