Pak FM claims that terrorists are fleeing Tribal Areas

      Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that terrorists have begun to flee the Tribal Areas as a result of the country's intensive military campaign. "Today, as we turn on the heat on the terrorists in Pakistan, in the tribal belt, they are fleeing Pakistan. The sanctuaries they had are no longer acceptable to the people of Pakistan," the Daily Times quoted Qureshi, as saying. Qureshi's comments came in the wake of the recent reports claiming that the Pakistan Army is all set to launch a ground offensive in South Waziristan. "Pakistan is playing its role to deal with the threat (along the Afghan border) and we have done that in a very convincing manner in the last year and a half," Qureshi said. Rejecting the US claims that Taliban leadership is present in Quetta, Qureshi said that Washington should share if it has any information about Taliban leader Mullah Omar hiding in Balochistan. "If the US is that sure, it should share that intel with us and we will help them catch Mullah Omar. Because we have an interest in getting hold of Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden. But we are not sure of their presence in Balochistan. If the US is confident of the information that it has, it should share the intel with us because we are their allies," Qureshi said. "I don't think they know," he added. Qureshi warned the US not to underestimate Pakistan's role in the war on terror, as it would not have reached this far had Pakistan not supported it. "Do not underestimate the contributions that Pakistan has made. Without Pakistan's logistic support, without Pakistan's intelligence cooperation, without Pakistan's sympathy, and without Pakistan being on your side, you won't have achieved what you have achieved so far," Qureshi added.

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