Chidambaram assures full Govt support to Enduwar's family

     Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday said here that the Government will support the family of Jharkhand Special Branch police inspector Francis Enduwar, who was beheaded by the Maoists. Chidambaram also said that it was the responsibility of the Government to take care of police officers' family. "The Government will fulfill its duty and pay compensation to Enduwar's family," the Union Home Minister said after addressing a part rally here. Earlier in the day, Chidambaram denied reports of the Maoists demanding the release of their arrested leaders or of a note being found on Enduwar's body as was earlier reported. The decapitated body of Enduwar, who was kidnapped on September 30, was found on the Jamshedpur-Ranchi Highway at 9.15 a.m. this morning. It was then reported that a note had been found that warned the government that they could expect more of the same treatment if their demands were not acceded to. "I condemn it. It is possible that in a conflict situation, police will arrest a number of people, and it is possible that Naxalites will also be able to capture one or two police officers. However, we don't kill in cold blood, we produce those who have been arrested in a court of law and we deal with them according to law," Chidamabram said. "If the Naxalites had any demand, they should have placed their demand, but cold blooded murder is simply not acceptable. I condemn it and I hope human rights groups will also condemn it," he added. Chidambaram further said the Maoists made no official demand. "The DGP has told me that there was no demand for a swap of prisoners. Besides, we are governed by the rule of the law. Prisoners are under the custody of the court, we cannot swap prisoners with those who are outside the law, who take the law into their own hands. There is no question of swap of prisoners," Chidamabaram said. "If there were any other genuine developmental demand, that could have been considered. But, the DGP tells me that no demand was placed upon the government. And all that they found was the mutilated body," he added. The Maoists are demanding the release of their two leaders Kobad Ghandy and Chatrodhar Mahato, who were arrested by law enforcement authorities in Delhi and West Bengal respectively last month.

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