Pak Govt says US drone strikes won't be allowed in Balochistan

      Pakistan's Deputy Foreign Minister Malik Ammad Khan has assured senators that drone strikes won't be allowed in Balochistan. Replying to senators' concerns about the possibility of drone attacks in Balochistan, he said the government is alive to the situation and is taking effective measures against both the terrorists and other militant elements. The News quoted Senator Mir Hasil Bazenjo as saying that if Quetta is attacked, Islamabad would also not be safe. Referring to a New York Times report, Bazenjo said that the US State Department want to target Mulla Omar and members of Taliban Shura with drone strikes on the notion that they were based in Quetta and Balochistan. He said that Quetta is not Tora Bora, and demanded government to summon the US ambassador to Foreign Office and inquire about any such decision by the US government. Senator Raja Zafarul Haq accused the government of having "dual understanding internally and abroad." Senators Kulsoom Perveen and Ismail Buledi said that US was making excuses for drone attacks in Balochistan. "No Taliban leader or Shura member reside in Balochistan. US may be wanting to get hold of Gwadar port or intrude Balochistan to disturb Iran. Both these acts would prove to be dangerous," he added.

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