Suspicious ship seen near Koodankulam atomic plant

     A Jeddah-bound ship on Friday raised suspicion after it was spotted near the Koodankulam atomic plant in Tamil Nadu on Friday. According to police, the ship from Singapore with 10 Indonesia crew members entered Indian waters and was anchored off the coast due to bad weather. "The mini cargo ship from Singapore with 10 Indonesian crew members entered Indian waters following bad weather and is likely to be empty. We have alerted the Coast Guard as they have the wherewithal to carry out investigations regarding the ship," officials in the state police headquarters, said. However, Coast Guard officials have dispatched an investigating ships to further investigations. Tirunelveli DIG Kannappan said the ship had set sail on September 19 and was believed to have been hired by some oil company in Singapore. Police personnel were posted to keep a watch on the ship, he added.

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