Indian Govt promises action in Buddhi case

      The Indian Government has finally responded to a call for justice by former Indian Navy captain Subbarao Buddhi for his son Vikram who has been languishing in jail in the US for allegedly writing an anti-Bush remark on the Internet. The Times Now television channel quoted sources in the External Affairs Ministry as saying that Foreign Minister SM Krishna is said to have met with Buddhi's lawyers and promised to do his best. Additionally, India is said to have conveyed to the United States the possibility that the Perdue University website was hacked and that what was attributed to Buddhi may not even have been written by him. The Indian Government has also pointed out that Buddhi remains in jail even though no sentence has been pronounced. In reply, the US government is understood to have told India that the case has been referred to the Justice Department which is directly responsible for the case. Krishna had met and assured the two lawyers dealing with the case that he would do his best, ironically the question of justice for Vikram is no longer in the hands of the US government now, but its own independent judiciary and as such, the Indian government cannot prevail upon the US state department to influence or interfere with its justice department. "We will have to see what the judiciary will do about the case," he said. Vikram Buddhi, once a brilliant PHD student at Perdue University is now languishing in a US prison, convicted under US Law for an anti-Bush post he says he never wrote. His father, a former Indian Navy Captain has been fighting a lone legal battle to help his son and maintains he does not want mercy, but justice for his son.

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