People living in blue houses 'most successful', green homeowners 'least'

      People living in blue houses are more successful than those living in homes of any other colour, a new UK survey has found. The average owner of a blue home earns 38,000 pounds a year, and takes at least two holidays abroad. He or she will have achieved two significant promotions, and half describe themselves as a director or manager. Most have at least three people working below them, according to the survey for Sandtex paints, in which 3,000 homeowners took part. What's more, the average professional living in a blue-painted pad drives an Audi TT to work, the study found. In addition, the average "blue" homeowner is in a long-term relationship and has two children and four close friends. Fourteen per cent use some of their hard earned cash to pay for a cook to help out when guests are round, 11 per cent have a regular cleaner, and eight per cent have a nanny to help with the children, reports The Telegraph. Victoria Jones, spokesperson for Sandtex Paints, said: "It is incredible to think that the colour of your house could have any bearing on how successful you are in your career or at home. "This poll certainly demonstrates that people decorate their houses differently depending on how they are doing in their professional and personal life.'' However, life is not so bright for people living in green houses - as they earn just 13,100 pounds annually. They are likely to work in retail or wholesale, drive around in a second hand Ford Mondeo or Volkswagen Golf, and have left school after completing their A-levels. Annual Earnings By House Colour: Blue 38,000 pounds Red 23,500 pounds White 23,400 pounds Magnolia 23,100 pounds Beige 20,800 pounds Orange 20,000 pounds Purple 19,600 pounds Grey 19,000 pounds Yellow 18,500 pounds Brown 18,400 pounds Pink 14,500 pounds Green 13,100 pounds.

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