Threat regarding Pak nukes falling into terrorists hands remains: IISS

      Amid growing international concerns over Pakistan's nuclear assets falling into extremists' hands, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has also expressed fears regarding the safety of Pakistan's nuke weapons. Addressing a gathering here, the IISS Director, Mark Fitz said that while Islamabad has assured the world that it has taken all measures to ensure the safety and security of the country's nuclear weapons, the extremist threat still looms large. "There are threats that nuclear arsenal and literature on its formation might fall into the hands of terrorists," The News quoted Fitz, as saying. While the world has expressed concerns over the safety of Pakistan's nuclear armaments, Islamabad maintains that it has put in place world-class safety measures in around nuclear facilities across the country. The United States, in the recent past, has also expressed serious concerns about the Talibani surge in Pakistan. The Obama administration had also said that the President is very concerned about the issue, which is taking a 'considerable amount' of his time.

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