Iran test-fires long-range missiles

     Iran successfully test-fired long-range missiles on Monday that are capable of striking targets in Israel, most Arab countries and parts of Europe - including much of Turkey, BBC quoted State media, as saying. Iran 's Revolutionary Guards tested the Shahab-3 long-range missile and Sajjil rockets, which reportedly has a range of 1,300 to 2,000km (800 to 1,240 miles), reports said. Earlier, Iranian Air Force Commander Hossein Salami had underlined that the missile drills have a message of friendship for friendly countries, and said: “For greedy countries that seek to intimidate us, the message is that we are capable of a prompt and crushing response to their animosity.” Iran had, earlier on Sunday, reportedly test-fired three types of short-range and medium-range missiles. The report of the test comes at a time of heightened tension between Iran and the West over Iran 's nuclear ambitions. Iran is due to hold crucial talks with the five UN Security Council members and Germany on Thursday on a wide range of security issues, including its nuclear programme. Iran 's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said the missile tests were merely part of an annual military drill, known as Sacred Defence Week, to commemorate its war with Iraq in the 1980s.

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