ISI offering covert support to Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan: Expert

     A senior advisor at the Afghan Foreign Ministry has seconded General Stanley McChrystal's stance that the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) is still offering covert support to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Daoud Muradian said Taliban's recent resurgence in Afghanistan is being funded by Pakistan's intelligence services. "What we face in Afghanistan is a triangle of terror - it comprises Taliban, al-Qaeda and the ISI of Pakistan," Muradian said in an interview to Al Jazeera. "Pakistan uses the Taliban as a leverage against us, against India and also as a leverage against the international community - to blackmail them. What we are facing in Afghanistan is state-sponsored terrorism," he added. It is worth mentioning here that General McChrystal, the top US commander in Afghanistan, had recently submitted a report to the Obama Administration, which stated that insurgency in Afghanistan was being fanned by Pakistan. "Afghanistan's insurgency is clearly supported from Pakistan," McChrystal said in his report. McChrystal also identified that the Taliban's Shura Council (leadership council) in Quetta led by Taliban chief Mullah Omar, as the biggest force fighting the NATO-led troops in Afghanistan. In his report General McChrystal has underlined how efficiently Mullah Omar is running his 'shadow government' in Afghanistan.

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