Rajasthan reels under intense heat wave conditions

     Even as the winter season is around the corner in the country, Rajasthan's Alwar city is reeling under intense heat wave conditions. The mercury is touching 43 degrees, making life difficult for local people here. As a result, most people preferred to stay indoors, and those who didn't have the luxury of staying indoors, were seen wearing headscarves and carrying umbrellas to save themselves from the scorching sun. "Its just so hot, In September, it never was this hot. It is said that winter is born during Navaratri, but it is so hot even at night," said Mukesh Pratap, a local. Locals also complained that the deficient rainfall in the city has also added to the current scenario, due to which there is no respite from the heat wave. "The heat is record breaking. It hasn't rained so the heat is even more. It is really bad," said Sarita, another local resident.

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