Subordinates assault policewoman in Uttar Pradesh

     Traffic constables dragged a senior female police officer for almost two kilometers after she caught them taking bribes. The three constables, Ravindra, Manoj Kumar and Ravindra Singh, were extorting money from the truckers on National Highway (NH-24). Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Kalpana Saxena received information from a Jat Regiment soldier that the traffic constables were taking bribes on Thursday. Acting on the tip, Saxena, her gunman and driver reached the spot in a private vehicle and caught the three traffic constables red-handed. Recognising her, they tried to flee, but Saxena grabbed the neck of the driver. "When I reached the spot they (traffic constables) recognized that SP (Traffic) has come, they sped up their vehicles and tried to crush me, but I managed to be safe and got the hold of the driver's neck. But the driver kept running the car, and I was dragged nearly about 1 to 1.5 kilometers, and when the driver realized that I will not release his neck, they pushed me on the road and ran away," said Saxena. Saxena sustained several injuries, including a broken bone. She was admitted to the nearby hospital. The traffic constables were arrested, while the other two were suspended. Superintendent of Police (City) Rakesh Jolly said the accused have been recognized and a case been registered against them.

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