Krishna says India wants to resolve all issues peacefully with Pak

      Foreign Minister SM Krishna, took the podium at the United Nations General Assembly to remind the world of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, and said that India wants to resolve all outstanding issues with Pakistan through peaceful dialogue. Krishna singled out Pakistan from where the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks came, and said that he is devoted to establishing a good and friendly relationship between the two nations. "Peace, security, stability and welfare of our neighborhood is vital for India," Krishna said. "India is committed to establishing good neighborly relations and resolving all outstanding issues with Pakistan through peaceful dialogue." Krisna said that terrorists are threat to the world order, and stressed that Indian Government's devotion to peacekeeping in the region. "Mr. President, the barbaric terrorist attack on the innocent people of Mumbai on November 26, 2008 reminds us of the daily and malignant menace that terrorism poses to all countries," he said. "It is our collective responsibility and duty to work together to ensure that terrorists, organizers, perpetrators and supporters of such crimes are brought to justice," he added. Krishna's speech also cited the peace work underway in the region, adding there is a new political beginning in Sri Lanka, and that Nepal and Afghanistan remain top priorities for India. Krishna during his speech cited text from Indira Gandhi's speech to the General Assembly 41 years ago, and praised the international body for its devotion to world peace, while maintaining India's steadfast support. Krishna also voiced India's commitment to nuclear non-proliferation, calling it one of the highest priorities of the international community. The Foreign Minister also stressed the need for expanding the Security Council. "It must be accepted that the Security Council must be strengthened and made more representative by expanding its permanent and non-permanent membership," he said. Speaking on climate change, Krishna said: "Poverty alleviation and livelihood security are central imperatives for India. For this accelerated economic growth and energy security are critical drivers."

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