'French Revolution' knocking at the door of Pak to hang corrupt politicians: MQM chief

     Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has said that his party will not allow any corrupt political leader or feudal lord to escape, and insisted that all the looted wealth would be returned to the national exchequer. "A revolution similar to the French Revolution is knocking at the door of Pakistan and the MQM will lead that change," The Daily Times quoted Hussain, as saying. "All airports will be closed and these corrupt elements will be hanged publicly, so that no one would make an attempt to promote corruption in the country again," he added. The MQM chief further said that hunger and poverty have compelled the country's citizens to bring such a revolution. "The flood victims are without food and shelter and they are ready to bring such revolution because a similar situation was witnessed before the French Revolution and the people took to the streets to bring a positive change," Hussain said. Earlier, Hussain had said that his party would support steps similar to martial law against "corrupt politicians" to weed out the menace of corruption. He had urged "patriotic generals to initiate martial law-like steps against feudal politicians and former generals who disgraced the army institution during the Soviet-Afghan war". "The MQM is ready to take any risk for steps taken against political stalwarts for eradicating corruption and benefiting the country. To nip the major evils of society, it is sometimes acceptable to support the minor ones," Hussain had said. He had further demanded the initiation of cases of mass murder against 'influentials and landlords' saying that they were blocking the country's development. "These influentials and landlords have always created hurdles for the poor and middle classes, restraining them from entering politics to serve their country," Hussain said.

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