French burger chain fuels bitter debate by banning pig products

     To increase sales and attract Muslims, a French fast food chain has banned pig products from its menu, fuelling a bitter debate in the country over the influence of Muslim values. Quick, the No. 2 burger chain in France after McDonald's, serves halal-only food in 22 of its outlets, targeting the country's large Muslim population. Bacon was removed from bacon burgers, and replaced by smoked turkey to appease the community and boost sales. Quick claimed sales doubled at restaurants that have tested the concept, but the move has opened a new chapter in the debate over how much society should accommodate Muslim traditions, The Telegraph reports. Marine Le Pen, of the far-right National Front party, said Quick's decision was a 'scandal'. "I'm not Muslim, I don't want this imposed on me." Stephane Gatignon, the mayor of the Paris suburb of Sevran and a member of the Environmentalist Party Europe Ecologie, said he is worried Quick in his town will become a Muslims-only hangout, preventing ethnic groups from mingling. Abdel El Machkour, who oversees Quick franchises for the Paris region, said the goal is simply to be able to serve its products to a larger number of people.

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