Brown’s ‘future’ challenge comes from Miliband

     In what is being seen as David Miliband’s veiled challenge to Gordon Brown demanding him to think about his succession plan, British Foreign Secretary has told the Prime Minister that ‘future is the most important word in politics.’ "I now think 'future' is the most important word in politics. The future is the key, and that means having a mental map that is looking forwards not backwards,” he said. According to The Independent, Miliband made clear that he was positioning himself at the front in the wake of the Prime Minister's resignation. Miliband, who remains one of the most likely people to lead the Labour after the election, challenged Brown to use his last conference before the vote to show the "vision" necessary to avert catastrophic defeat. “Brighton conference is an opportunity for Brown to show what you stand for the future,” he was quoted, as saying. His comments come as it emerged that Sue Nye, the closest member of the PM's inner circle is planning an exit from Downing Street. Nye, who has been at Brown's side for more than a decade, is planning to leave because she is "really fed up" with the promotion of Kirsty McNeill, 28, from speechwriter to head of external affairs. The Chancellor, Alistair Darling, joined Miliband in warnings Brown about the future, saying that Labour – from Brown down – has lost "the will to live" and risks handing power to the Tories without a fight.

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