Chinese students to learn chastity lessons from US Christian ministry

     A conservative US Christian ministry is set to give Chinese students in the South West province of Yunnan , lessons in chastity. Christian ministry, Focus on the Family, based in Colorado, will distribute booklets to all high school and university students in Yunnan to teach them how to reject sex before marriage. The group states that it believes "sex is given by God as an expression of love to be shared and enjoyed exclusively between a husband and wife". Chinese students will be able to act out role-plays in which the boys say: "It is safe, I have a condom" and girls reply: "You want to bet my future with that condom?" According to a nationwide survey in April, of 80,000 Chinese university students, only 14.4 percent admitted to having sex during their time in higher education. However, Yang Wanqiu, a professor at Yunnan University , told the state-run Global Times newspaper that it was important for girls to refuse the advances of male students. "If a girl had sex with her boyfriend, she would become mentally dependent on the boy," the Telegraph quoted Yang as saying. "It would do no good for her studies and daily life," he stated.

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