BlackBerry users rejoice, as it gets two-month Govt extension to set up servers in India

     BlackBerry users in different parts of the country rejoiced on Tuesday as its makers got an extension of 60-days from the Government of India with affect from Aug 31, 2010 to set up their servers in India. Blackberry sellers in Bangalore said they were happy with the extension, as it has again boosted the sale of the phone. " The fact is that by doing this extension there is a little craze amongst the customers that there is a hope for blackberry to be in India still and by this, the sale is boosted again, it's not come down. Till now we have not got any false reaction from this statement at all. So I think it will be better still," said Raghav, a BlackBerry seller. Many Blackberry users said they were delighted with the decision. "I think it's a nice decision from the Government that they have extended the validity, I mean the period and it's a nice phone I mean we go ahead with the BlackBerry," said Sam, a customer. Some of the BlackBerry users also said they were not that bothered about the security concerns. "60-days extension and all I don't think that would create any problem because decryption of their mails or something like that is the government's rule. We cannot go beyond the government's rule. So I don't think that a problem and my company would also accept me using the same BlackBerry handset for my office push mails. That's not a problem," said Shonkho Das, a BlackBerry user in Kolkata. On Monday, an official spokesman said that BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has come up with an interim solution to prevent India from shutting down its Blackberry services, which would have affected one million smartphone users. The Canadian company has decided to give India access to encrypted smartphone data, starting September 1. The decision came after weeks of discussions. The Canada based wireless giant has more than a million BlackBerry subscribers in the world's second fastest growing economy. Though RIM has already made BlackBerry Internet, voice calls and messenger available to the authorities, India is seeking access to its unique encrypted service for business and corporate clients, that is routed through RIM's own servers based in the UK and Canada. India wants access to all encrypted communications as the terrorists involved the 2008 Mumbai attack, communicated with each other by using sophisticated technology. Therefore, it wants the Canadian company to install a server in India to monitor this service. On the other hand, RIM is not willing to compromise on the privacy of this encrypted service, which has made its phones smart and a darling of the business class. The two months relaxation period is expected to give RIM some breathing room.

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