When Michelle Obama met Silvio Berlusconi...at arm's length

     Michelle Obama appeared to be keeping her distance from controversy-hit Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at the opening reception for the G20 summit in Pittsburgh. The US First Lady was said to have met the politician with a classic US-European impasse with President Barack Obama in the middle. The 72-year-old Italian came without his wife who is divorcing him over his involvement in a series of scandals related to call girls and a lingerie model, reports The Telegraph. Michelle seemingly remained unaffected by Berlusconi's charms, who threw up his arms in apparent delight after Obama gestured to his wife in introduction. The mum-of-two shook hands with Berlusconi, while she exchanged hugs and kisses with the Browns, the Sarkozys, the Medvedevs and Germany's Angela Merkel.

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