Youth Congress activists baton-charged in Patna

     Many activists of the regional Youth Congress were injured during a protest here on Saturday as police resorted to baton charge to curb them and maintain order on the main road. Police used force after various Congress activists, while protesting against the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday, blocked traffic and damaged some vehicles. The incident took place on Patna city's main road. Lallan Kumar, local president of the Youth Congress, said the police baton-charged the protesters despite a peaceful demonstration. "We were peacefully demonstrating on the main road when police officials forcibly arrested our youth leaders, and hit them on their knees so that they could not walk," he said and alleged: "A senior police official was giving instructions to a policeman on phone that the protesters must be hit hard on their knees, so that our youth activists won't initiate any other movement." Lallan Kumar said the movement won't stop. "Our party is an initiative of Rahul Gandhi to provide justice to the common people. We are struggling for the public, and it would be continued," Lallan Kumar said. Meanwhile, an Inspector of Patna Police refuted the claims of violence, and said the police officials peacefully requested protesters to not create problems in the city. "No baton-charge took place..... Some youths were trying to create problems and I don't know who they were, but they were disrupting the traffic. We requested them and peacefully explained to them. The police officials were running to make them understand, which you might have taken in a wrong manner. Neither the police officials have taken harsh steps, nor have they done any unfair or excess act with the protesters," said Rakesh Kumar Jha, a police inspector. Everything has been done in a very peaceful manner by requesting the protesters, and you can observe now the situation is normal in the city," said, he added.

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