NY mayor Bloomberg to defend building of Ground Zero mosque

     New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will make his first appearance on 'The Daily Show' in eight years on Saturday night, and is expected to focus on the controversy surrounding the building of a proposed mosque and Islamic centre near Ground Zero. According to The Politico, Bloomberg is expected to say that some people are trying to stir up things to get publicity and trying to polarize people so that they can get some votes in November, but adds that the protests will end once elections are over. He also expected to say that he is aware of the feelings of the family members of the 9/11 victims, and that he understands their angst, as he is the chairman of the board of The World Trade Center Memorial. He also expected to say that there are people who want to build a mosque, can build a mosque, that the lives of our loved ones were taken because the right to build a mosque or to say what you want to say was so threatening to people. "There are a lot of people who've said things that I don't agree with. But if I want to be able to say what I believe, I've got to let you say what you believe, even if I violently disagree with them, even if I find it despicable," the mayor is expected to say.

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