Students protest Ahluwalia's visit in Kolkata

     A group of students here on Saturday protested the visit of the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, to the Presidency College. The students that belonged to a United Students Democratic Front (USDF), was protesting against Ahluwalia for fuelling inflation by adopting neo-liberal economic policies. Pointing out the government's skewed fiscal policies, scores of students congregated at the Presidency College. They raised slogans to critcise him over his failure to curb the spiralling inflation. Students said the government's polices have promoted socio-economic inequality in the nation because of which a whopping 77 percent of the Indian workforce was earning less than rupees 20 a day. They also said that Ahluwalia's policies were responsible for food prices going high. Carrying placards and banners, the demonstrators waved black flags when Ahluwalia was leaving the venue.

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