Manmohan Singh's 'terror as an instrument' comment regrettable, says Pak

     Expressing disappointment over Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh's remarks that Islamabad must change its attitude and policies regarding the use of terror as an instrument of state policy, Pakistan has said that Singh's statement has no link with reality and is very egrettable. "Pakistan has a transparent agenda in the meeting of Indo-Pak Foreign Secretaries today. It wants to hold dialogues with a positive attitude; otherwise some other powers take benefit of the resulting political vacuum," The News quoted Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit, as saying. "Well India's message is India seeks to normalize its relation with Pakistan, the only obstacle is that Pakistan should give up its old attitude regarding the use of terror as an instrument of state policy," Dr. Singh had told reporters after addressing the plenary session of G-20 summit in Pittsburg. "We hope that the materials that we have supplied to Pakistan regarding the massacres that took place in Mumbai in November will help to carry out investigations; after all although the tragedy took place in India," he said. "The conspiracy has been hatched in Pakistan and that has been admitted by the Pakistani Government. We sincerely hope they carry forward the investigation and bring to book perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks," Dr. Singh added.

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