Being a Hollywood star is a third of Americans' dream job

     A survey has revealed that nearly a third of Americans think that they should be in Hollywood and that being an actor or an actress is their 'dream job'. The new Marist Poll found that 32 percent of Americans, especially women and younger people, would like nothing better than to be in the movies, the New York Post reported. Of the 1,004 people polled, the list showed the next most popular dream job was being a professional athlete, with 29 percent opting for it. It was the top choice for young men in the Midwest and West - and people who make over 50,000 dollars-a-year. On becoming President of the United States, only 13 percent of those polled saw it as their dream job, with those in the South having the strongest desire. Where music was concerned, only 13 percent said they fantasized about being a rock star, with the biggest group being people in the age of 19 to 29. And another 13 percent answered "unsure" when asked what their dream job was, with the figure being higher among women and people age 60 and over.

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