Manmohan Singh's birthday celebrated in Amritsar

     Relatives of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his other well-wishers here on Saturday celebrated his 77th birthday by distributing sweets and holding prayers for his long life and good health. Dr.Singh, meanwhile, celebrated his birthday on board aircraft with wife Gursharan Kaur, daughter Amrit and other colleagues accompanying him during his return journey from Pittsburgh for G20 summit. Amritsar-based Surjit Singh Kohli, younger brother of Dr. Manmohan Singh, distributed sweets on the occasion and prayed for his long life. "I have been receiving congratulatory messages from relatives and friends since morning. Entire family has done 'Ardas' (prayer) so that almighty give him a long life, so that he continues to serve the country and the public," said Surjit Singh Kohli, brother of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Meanwhile, Chief Khalsa Diwan, a Sikh organisation, held prayers for long life of the Prime Minister Dr. Singh. School kids were also invited to participate in the prayers. Santokh Singh, Vice President, Chief Khalsa Diwan said India is fortunat to have a Prime Minister like Dr. Singh. "What bigger happiness a country can have that it has a Prime minister like Dr. Manmohan Singh. It is by luck any country gets a leader as intelligent, scholar and upright like him. Such leaders are born in centuries. We pray that God gives him along life and a good health so that he continues to serve the nation," said Santokh Singh. Manmohan Singh was born to Sardar Gurmukh Singh and Amrit Kaur on September 26, 1932, in Gah, Punjab, (now in Chakwal District of Pakistan). He lost his mother when he was very young. His paternal grandmother, to whom he was very close, raised Singh. He was a hard working student who studied under candlelight during school days, as his village did not have electricity. After India's partition, Singh migrated to Amritsar. Singh married Gursharan Kaur in 1958 and has three daughters-- Upinder, Daman and Amrit.

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