Yamuna crosses danger mark, leaves Delhi's poor homeless

     Residents staying close to the River Yamuna were rendered homeless after its waters submerged their houses. People living in low-lying areas were evacuated to safer places, as the volume of water crossed the danger mark. "Today, the water level rose four feet from what it was yesterday. All our belongings got washed away. Now I am on the road, I have no other way out," said Sajjan, a villager. "Water is flowing at dangerous level, and the current has also increased. It was not there yesterday," said Pradeep, another resident. A similar situation prevailed in the Mathura . A Provincial Armed Constabulary platoon, and a mobile, armed team is assisting the authorities in rescue and relief operations. "One of our platoons comprising 35 people is on work here. We have two motorboats and all equipments for relief measures. We have, till now, rescued about 12 people. Many foreigners also come here to offer prayers," said K. M. Yadav, Commander of a company of the Provincial Armed Constabulary.

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