Clinton sparks debate by linking Pak floods with global climate change

     Linking devastating Pakistan floods with global climate change, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that the deluge and other extreme weather events in the recent past clearly points towards climate change getting worse. In an interview with a private television channel, Clinton said: “There is a linkage” between the recent spate of deadly natural disasters and climate change. “You can't point to any particular disaster and say, 'it was caused by,' but we are changing the climate of the world,” she added. Referring towards massive Russian forest fires, Clinton said there is no “direct link” between the disasters in Pakistan and Russia , but warned that the tragedies are predictions of worse situation ahead. “When you have the changes in climate that affect weather that we're now seeing, I think the predictions of more natural disasters are unfortunately being played out,” Fox News quoted Clinton, as saying. While scientists believe that it is “too early to point to a human fingerprint” for the recent catastrophes, they stressed that climate change may aggravate the situation. “It's too early to point to a human fingerprint behind the recent disasters but climate change may be exacerbating the intensity of them,” World Meteorological Organization climate data chief Omar Baddour said.

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