Jackie Chan wants 'wushu' to be officially recognised at Olympic games

     While Beijing is scheduled to host the Sportaccord Combat Games 2010 just a few weeks from now, international kungfu film star Jackie Chan, has expressed his hope that wushu or Chinese style martial arts, would be given the recognition as an official event at the Olympic Games soon. "I love wushu a lot and I would love to see them included in future Olympic Games," China Daily quoted Chan, as saying. "Chinese wushu involves so many forms and styles of fighting and has so many different schools. This makes it difficult for wushu to make an unified impression to international audiences," he added. Other Asian martial arts that have already become official Olympic sports include Japanese judo in 1964 and Korean taekwondo in 2000. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) currently recognizes Chinese wushu and Japanese karate as sports, but neither is an official or a demonstration sport at the Games. During the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic, the IOC allowed China to organize an international wushu event, but it was unofficial and not considered a demonstration sport.

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