Flood alert in New Delhi, Yamuna river crosses danger mark

     Flood alert has been sounded in the low-lying areas here, after heavy downpours for three days caused the water level to cross the danger mark in the Yamuna river on Saturday. The river is now flowing 11 cms above the danger level of 204.8 meters and with incessant rainfall expected throughout Saturday, the officials have decided to evacuate the families residing closer to the river in eastern part of Delhi. A bunch of cycle rickshaws lay half submerged in the river, posing problem for their owners who feared losing their only source of living. "The water level in the river rose a bit last night. We fear that our rickshaws will be submerged in the river because of the rising water level. The government hasn't issued any insurance to us so what will we do if our rickshaws submerge in the water," said Guddu, a rickshaw puller. The volume of water in Yamuna increased after 2.8 lakh cusecs of water was released from Tajewala reservoir near Yamunanagar in neighbouring Haryana on Thursday. The excess water is expected to reach Delhi late on Saturday posing further threats to the people living nearby. "When I had come here the pillar of the bridge was fully visible. However, when I returned back last night it was submerged a bit. Today morning while heading towards the temple, I noticed that the pillar was fully submerged in the river water. The residents living nearby are facing a lot of problem as the water level is expected to rise. Once it overflows it will create havoc in the low-lying areas," said Ram Dutt, a local resident. According to the meteorological department, the city has so far received 31.7 mm of rainfall from Friday morning with a total 617 mm of rainfall this monsoon.

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