PCB boss Butt cries 'media mischief' in desperate bid to ward off sacking

     In apparent bid to save his neck, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ijaz Butt has said that he holds both houses of Parliament-Senate and the National Assembly- in the highest esteem while blaming the media for creating misunderstandings resulting in the two privilege motions being moved against him. In his letter to privilege committee chairman Senator Syed Tahir Hussain Mashhadi, Butt criticised the media for distorting the facts between him and the Senate Committee on Rules of Procedure and Privileges, which had recommended removing Butt from the post. "If the media has interpreted the statements attributed to me or twisted them in such a way that they appear to have "let down" the senators, then the PCB can go so far as to regret such actions by the media but surely it cannot be held responsible for what has appeared in the media for which it exercises no control," The Daily Times stated Butt's letter, as saying. Butt expressed disappointment over the privilege motion moved against him, and said there had been no violation of privilege. "Be that as it may, the PCB and its Chairman hold the Parliament and Senate in the highest esteem and regard and could not even think of uttering a disparaging remark against them. If at all, the Senators feel that statements attributed to the undersigned appearing in the media have breached their privilege, then I wish to clarify that it was purely unintentional and regretted," he said. After the first privilege motion, the PCB chief in February last year had said that he was not answerable to the Parliament as the President is the patron and he was only answerable to him. The second privilege motion was moved by Senator Haroon Khan and Senator Tariq Azeem, in which both the senators were of the view that Butt on an occasion passed derogatory remarks not only against them, but also against the whole parliament.

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