Chinese police arrests six suspects, 41 others in melamine milk scandal

      Chinese police have arrested six suspects and 41 others who allegedly participated in distributing melamine-contaminated milk after a national crackdown in 2008. According to the food safety authorities in China , the melamine-tainted milk powder was first discovered in Gansu Province . Dongyuan Dairy Factory in Minhe County of neighboring Qinghai Province reportedly is the source of the scandal. The factory's chief, Liu Zhanfeng, deputy chief Liu Xiping, and workshop director Wang Haifeng were among those arrested, Xinhua reported. Dai Wenming, chairman of Luyuan Dairy Company of Zhangbei County in Hebei Province , was suspected of hiding 48 tonnes of milk powder tainted with melamine, a toxic chemical, and sold it to the Dongyuan Dairy Factory with the help of Sun Xuefeng and Zhou Zhonglin, who were also arrested. Forty-one others have been detained in Heilongjiang Province in this connection. In the 2008 scandal, unscrupulous Chinese milk producers were found to have been mixing melamine to dairy products. It killed at least six Chinese babies and left anther 300,000 ill, sending chills to consumers at home and abroad.

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