Congress, BJP deny any 'deal' on Nuke Bill as alleged by Opposition parties

      Congress party and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday rubbished allegations suggesting any deal between the two national parties to reach an understanding over Nuke Bill. "Democracy functions in a manner whereby even if there are contradictory shades of opinion an attempt is made in parliament through a committee process to harmonise those opinions and it is that harmonization has taken place," said Manish Tiwari, a Congress spokesperson. "If there are certain reservations which the opposition had and those reservations have been addressed and some kind of unanimity has been achieved, to call it a deal, I think is not only erroneous but it is completely uncalled for and I don't think it needs to be dignified by a response more than what I have already said," he added. Senior BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu, termed the other opposition parties as opportunistic to suit their own needs unlike his party that is committed to certain principles in national interest. "In the Nuclear Liability Bill whatever concessions they had announced were not enough and so what we demanded in the interest of the people of the country, government has accepted those. And it is not our nature to oppose the government just for the sake of being an opposition party; it is the nature of other opposition parties. After getting approved their personal demands, they change their stance, we are not like them," said Naidu.

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