Kashmir's security forces get new protective gear

     Security officials in Jammu and Kashmir from stone-pelting mobs, they have been equipped with new head-to-toe protective gear to protect them against stone pelting mobs. The riot gear shields all vital organs of the body, and consists of abdomen guard over trousers, thick foam-stuffed shin guards, arm-guards, helmet and a torso guard that covers the shoulders. The officials hope that the equipment introduced by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) would decrease the number of casualties during the ongoing unrest. "In the last one week, 510 soldiers have been injured during agitations. If we talk about last two years, then more than 2,500 CRPF personnel have been injured. The CRPF has introduced the gear that is to be put on over the uniform, which provides protection to large part of body," said Prabhakar Tripathi, the Public Relations Officer of CRPF. The CRPF has donned their soldiers with new protective gear in the most sensitive areas such as Srinagar, and its adjoining areas. "We can say that the CRPF has given new gear to those soldiers who are deployed in the areas which are more prone to stone-pelting or where stone-pelting takes place the most," added Tripathi. It was conceived and designed by CRPF headquarters in Delhi. Scores of CRPF personnel have sustained injuries in violent protests, mainly in the head and legs, and more than 40 vehicles have also been damaged. The curfew was imposed since July 31 in ten districts of the valley, including Srinagar, following violent protests and clashes between stone-pelting locals and the security personnel in which at least 50 people lost their lives. The Kashmir Valley is witnessing a surge of violence that has led the authorities to impose frequent curfews in several parts of the state.

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