Muslim TV stations remove controversial show on Jesus

     Two Shiite Muslim television stations in Lebanon have cancelled a controversial programme on Jesus Christ, as they do not want to stir up a sectarian conflict in the country. The 17-episode series, which was produced in Iran, describes Jesus from an Islamic point of view. Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet and a teacher, but not the son of God, The Scotsman reports. Al-Manar, a television station run by Lebanon's powerful militant group, Hezbollah, and the National Broadcasting Network, NBN, started airing the programme this week at the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Christian priests and politicians quickly protested, saying the topic might endanger national co-existence. The programme does not show respect to "Jesus, the church and Christianity," Catholic Maronite Archbishop Bechara el-Rai said. Shortly before he spoke, , Al-Manar and NBN issued a statement saying the stations decided to stop airing it in respect to other Lebanese sects.

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