Freed to die, Lockerbie bomber prolonging life with help of 'miracle cure' drug

     The Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, was sent home to Libya from Scotland to die with just three months to live, but is now making regular trips to a top medical centre for the 'very best care that money can buy'. Earlier this year, his family claimed that all conventional treatment had been stopped and that he was now solely relying on alternative medicine and positive thinking to ease his pain. The Daily Mail has learned that he is once again receiving help from cancer specialists, which his family hope will provide a 'miracle cure' and extend his life still further - possibly by more than 18 months. According to sources in Tripoli, the new treatment is 'going well' although al-Megrahi is apparently suffering from 'black moods' over the negative way Britain and the West is portraying his case. Al Megrahi is reportedly undergong chemotherapy using Taxotere. It is used for patients whose prostate cancer has spread and they are no longer responding to hormone treatments. With no further aid, a patient might be expected to live for about another year, far more than the three months predicted for al-Megrahi a year ago. The news is certain to fuel the bitter debate over the decision to free the 58-year-old from jail in Scotland on compassionate grounds. The explosion on Pan Am 103 killed 270 people over Lockerbie. Megrahi is the only person convicted over the 1988 bombing.

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