Jammu and Kashmir to have two Central universities

     In view of the special status of State of Jammu and Kashmir, the Central Government has decided to establish, as a special dispensation, two appropriate Central Universities in the State - one in Jammu region and another in the Kashmir Valley. It is expected that this will meet the regional aspirations in the State. The Government proposes to undertake appropriate legislative measures in this regard shortly. The two Central Universities will have instructional and research facilities in emerging branches of learning like information technology, biotechnology, nanosciences, setting exemplary standards of education for the other universities in the State to emulate. However, in view of the constraints of resources and greater demand for a second Central University in Jammu and Kashmir State, it has been decided to drop the proposal for the establishment of an Indian Institute of Management in Jammu and Kashmir and instead use the savings for the establishment of a second appropriate Central University in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

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