Two-month turmoil cost State exchequer heavily in Jammu and Kashmir

     Recurring shutdowns and curfews in different parts of Jammu and Kashmir cost the State exchequer millions of rupees due to the absence of regular market transactions and tax collections. According to an official of the Commercial Taxes Collection Department, due to the unrest the state suffered a loss of 51 crore rupees and decline of almost 2.50 crore rupees in toll tax due to less movement of commercial goods carrier to the state. “Our businesses have been severely affected from the turmoil in our state. Last year in the month of July, the import in Kashmir was worth rupees 262 crores but this year in July import has been in the range of rupees 211 crores. We have suffered a loss of 51 crore rupees, which is 19 percent of our total import,” said Omkar Nath, Deputy Commissioner of the Commercial Taxes Check Post at Lakhanpur town in Jammu and Kashmir . The valley region witnessed a surge in violent protests for two months which made the authorities to impose curfew in different parts of the Kashmir valley. During this period markets and business remained closed which not only affected the livelihood of the locals but also the tax collections by the State Government. Freight transport owners and operators were the worst hit due to disturbance in Kashmir Valley . Heavy stone pelting by the irate mobs during protests held in many parts of the valley and strict restrictions imposed by authorities have forced the transporters to suspend their services due to the fear of damage to their vehicles. “Today the transport business is in a bad condition that we are unable to pay the installments of the loans which we had taken for our vehicles from the banks. The main reason for this is the unrest in Kashmir for the last two months. In these circumstances neither we can send our vehicles towards Srinagar nor the vehicles are coming from Srinagar ,” said Surinder Singh, a transport operator.

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