Carla Bruni offered role in 'CSI'

     Carla Bruni-Sarkozy may soon appear in 'CSI' after she was offered a part in the hit US crime series. Producers have asked the French First Lady to accept a role after she wrote to Hollywood executives telling them she was a fan of the show. Carol Mendolson, a producer from the show, said she was preparing to make a two-hour long CSI television movie set in Paris . "Carla Bruni wrote to us to say she absolutely adored our show," the Telegraph quoted her as saying France 's Pure People. "So we would be delighted to offer her a part in our CSI film set in France ." She may live to regret the offer however after it emerged Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy recently took 35 takes to get a scene right in a walk-on role in Woody Allen's latest film Midnight in Paris.

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