Supreme Court pulls up 'anti-poor' Govt., refutes to rein in Delhi 's cycle rickshaws

      In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court on Friday ruled that cycle rickshaws can ply in the national capital without any curb on their number, and criticized the Government for being anti-poor. The apex court asked the Government why it was not putting a check on the increasing number of vehicles and instead targeting the poor. The Delhi High Court had earlier ruled that Municipal Corporation of Delhi 's (MCD) policy of limiting the number of cycle rickshaws is unconstitutional. It rejected the flawed idea that cycle rickshaws cause congestion in a city of six million personal vehicles, of which nearly 3.8 million are four-wheelers. The Delhi High Court also found the MCD's policy of refusing to regulate automobiles while enforcing unrealistic limits on cycle rickshaws unfair and patently arbitrary. Previously, the MCD capped the number of licenses to operate cycle rickshaws at 100,000.

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