Obama's 49th b'day: home alone with grey hair and Winfrey, but no cake

      President Obama began his 49th birthday home alone in the White House, with more greying hair and ended it with a dinner with Oprah Winfrey- but without any cake. While First Lady Michelle and daughter Sasha are off on a trip to Spain, daughter Malia is away at summer camp. At a labor speech Wednesday, Obama's union allies wanted to give him a cake, but the Secret Service nixed that because it hadn't gotten a heads-up. "I was disappointed there wasn't a cake," the New York Daily News quoted Obama as lamenting with a smirk. Looking at a gaggle of Secret Service agents, the President joked: "They're probably eating it right now." Later, Obama awarded the Citizens Medal to a dozen people, and then jetted off to Chicago with First Dog Bo for a private night of dining with Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King and three other close friends. The group enjoyed a three-hour meal at Graham Elliot restaurant. The First Family plans to reunite at a private birthday party Sunday night, an aide said.

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