Berlusconi 'to call early election' amid fresh prostitute allegations

     Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has threatened to call for early elections after his split from the co-founder of his party following allegations of hiring prostitutes. "The path is narrow and at the first incident, we go to elections," The Telegraph quoted the Italian PM as saying. Maria Teresa "Terry" De Nicolo, a 38-year-old escort claimed that she and two others from Rome had been invited to visit Berlusconi. If the government were to resign, Giorgio Napolitano , Italy 's president could dissolve parliament and call early elections. Berlusconi has been under the spotlight following news of his corruption scandals involving ministers. On Wednesday, he will face the first test of his authority following his schism with parliamentary speaker Gianfranco Fini, who along with 33 others, has decided to vote against the prime minister on important issues. Berlusconi's former ally has promised to abstain in a no confidence motion against Giacomo Cliendo, a junior minister who retains Berlusconi's support. Caliendo allegedly belongs to an organisation, P3, which is accused of plotting to fix political and judicial appointments.

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