Survey finds ‘most non-Muslim Britons equating Islam with terrorism’

     Non-Muslims in Britain are by and large ignorant about Islam and equate the religion with terrorism, according to a Islamic Education And Research Academy (iERA) survey. According to Sky News, the iERA, which works to improve people's understanding of the faith, conducted a study wherein they questioned 500 non-Muslims Britishers about their view on the religion and found that many Britishers knew very little about Islam. “The survey exposed a lack of basic knowledge, many people would change their views if they simply learnt more about Islam,” Hamza Tzortzis, a senior researcher at the iERA, said. Sixty-three percent of those polled agreed with the statement "Muslims are terrorists." A total of 94 percent thought that the religion "oppresses women" while 70 percent expressed that it preaches hatred. Over a third did not know who the Prophet Mohammed was and over three quarters (76 percent) had never spoken to a Muslim about their religion. “They have taken our country over, it’s not England any more. We have to make changes to please them. If I had my way I’d kick them all out of here," a respondent said.

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