Big-fat Jersey Indian wedding dwarfs Chelsea Clinton's grand nupitals

     She's the daughter of the former US President and the Secretary of State, but Chelsea Clinton's 'Wedding of the Year' was not the biggest bash on Sunday. An Indian ceremony - Shweta Parikh and Nirav Patel's wedding in Lakewood, New Jersey stole the prize for the grandest wedding. While the Clinton wedding saw 500 guests, the Indian wedding assembled 650 people over four days. The bride changed outfits five times, to reappear in her 18-foot, deep-red silk wedding sari. The groom was decked out in a gold and red sherwani and entered the affair on a white horse adorned with bells, a bejewelled headpiece and a beaded saddle. The hall was decorated with thousands of rose petals and orchids flown in from Thailand. The wedding canopy was made of silk patterned with thousands of crystals. Paneer makhani (a cheese and tomato vegetarian dish) and malai kofta, (cheese and dried fruit dumplings in gravy), accompanied by 3,000 pieces of naan bread and 1,500 pieces of poori bread were just some of the delectable dishes. And while Clinton 's honeymoon location is a secret, the Patels will be heading to Paris and Malta . Parikh, 27, and Patel, 29, both first-generation Indian-Americans living in New Jersey, first met in 2002 after being introduced by a mutual friends. Friendship eventually turned into love over a fake invitation to a Jon Bon Jovi concert. He called the next day - even though he didn't have tickets. "Actually, there wasn't even a concert. It was a terrible line," The New York Daily News quoted Patel as saying.

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