US has moral obligation to protect those revealed by ‘WikiLeaks’ leak on Afghan war: Mullen

      United States Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen has said that the country has ‘moral obligation to protect those named in top the secret Afghan war documents released by ‘WikiLeaks’. “We do have a moral obligation given their exposure and given what they've done, to do all we can to ensure their safety," the CBS News quoted Mullen, as saying. “The Taliban are looking at the names that are leaked. I certainly think that's an indicator of what's possible," he added. He called the release of classified Afghan war documents by the website ‘WikiLeaks’ "appalling." Earlier this week Mullen accused WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange, by saying that he might have "blood on the hands," of soldiers or Afghans whose identity have been revealed. "I very much meant what I said," Mullen stressed. He further called the organization ‘irresponsible’ for releasing information and taking advantage of it.

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