US has to involve both India and Pakistan for Afghan ‘political resolution’: Kerry

      US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry has stressed that the solution to issues in Afghanistan is a political resolution, which would include India and Pakistan. “I don’t think troops are the answer. The answer is a political resolution. And that political resolution has to come about by engaging to a greater degree with India , with Pakistan itself,” The News quoted Kerry, as saying. “I think we should also engage China , Russia . And I would say to you that the possibility could exist even of Iran playing a role in helping to change the equation on the ground,” he added. When asked to assess the Wikileaks fiasco, Kerry explained that the difference between the two secret reports that roiled Americans perceptions about war. “We knew almost everything that’s there. It gives a little colour to the battlefield struggles and to, you know, some of the difficulties within the villages and so forth,” Kerry said. “But basically they are an incomplete presentation of the challenge and not particularly game changing,” he added.

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