Raj Thackeray blames migrants for malaria outbreak in Mumbai

     Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray has blamed migrants for the outbreak of malaria in Mumbai. "It is all an attack of the population. These epidemics of malaria and dengue don't spread on their own. Who is coming to Mumbai, who is staying in Mumbai, no one knows. Slums are increasing; gutters are flowing and breeding mosquitoes. The municipal corporation blames the state government and vice-a-versa. This is the only business going on," Thackarey told reporters here. "All the city's hospitals are crowded with these migrants. There's absolutely no space left for anyone else. Where does the local go, then?", he said. Heavy downpour has flooded streets and houses in Mumbai and several rivers are in spate across Maharashtra . While a good monsoon is vital to India 's farm sector, heavy rains and runoff also leads to floods and outbreak of diseases.

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