Obama asks all non-NPT signatories to join the treaty

      The 15-member United Nations Security Council today asked all non- Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) signatories to join the treaty. The UNSC summit chaired by US President Barack Obama approved the resolution 1887, calling on countries that have not signed the NPT to comply fully with all their obligations. Obama said the resolution will strengthen the NPT. "We have made it clear that the Security Council has both the authority and responsibility to respond to violations of this treaty," foreign news agencies quoted Obama, as saying. "Nations with nuclear weapons have the responsibility to move towards disarmament and those without them have the responsibility to forsake them," Obama said. Obama is the first US President to chair a summit-level meeting of the UN Security Council. The Council then voted unanimously to adopt the draft resolution on this circulated by the US. Obama in his maiden address to the General Assembly on Wednesday set the tone for the crucial meeting. India will be under pressure to ensure that its reactors and fissile material stocks are not being used for weapons purposes.

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