Florida church to burn ‘Koran’ on ninth anniversary of 9/11 attacks in protest

     A church in Florida has created a controversy by saying that it would burn copies of the Koran to mark the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the United States. Through a social networking site ‘Facebook’, it urged other religious groups to join them "against the evil of Islam." “Islam is of the devil!” News.com.au quoted its announcement on ‘Facebook’. "Islam and Sharia law was responsible for 9/11, we will burn Korans because we think it's time for Christians, for churches, for politicians to stand up and say no; Islam and Sharia law is not welcome in the U.S.” the pastor of ‘Dove World Outreach Center’ of Gainesville, Terry Jones said. The Facebook event has received more than 1,500 "Like" recommendations by users, but had also been attacked with a number of threatening messages posted on the page and corresponding anti-Islam rants. Terry Jones, who has written a book titled "Islam is of The Devil" and selling T-shirts bearing the same message, defended the controversial event. However, the mainstream Muslim groups denounced the move and lamented the sentiments promoted by the Gainesville church. "Unfortunately in Florida and nationwide, Islamophobia are actually on the rise. I'm more afraid of those who have anti-Muslim sentiments and may think this is a legitimate action and may want to attack a mosque or attack a Muslim on the street," Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) spokesman Ramsey Kilic said.

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