Three-year old girl gunned down by four-year old boy in US

     A three-year-old girl has been shot dead by a four-year-old boy after he caught hold of a handgun left on a kitchen table and pointed it at her head. Aunesti Lee Allen, from Indianapolis , USA , died at Riley Hospital for Children a couple of hours after being shot. The 26-year-old mother, Fiona Lee, whose other two children witnessed the shooting, was arrested and charged with child neglect as well as drugs possession. Police are trying to trace the boy and his father Curtis White, who lived with Lee. Police said Lee thought the boy might have believed he had picked up a toy gun, many of which were lying around the house. "This is a tragedy that easily could have been avoided. And the sad part is that the other children saw it. Now, there are many lives that have been turned upside down," the Telegraph quoted Lt Jeff Duhamell from Indianapolis Police Department as saying.

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