David Miliband calls Cameron a ‘loudmouth’ over Pakistan comments

     Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has criticised Prime Minister David Cameron, accusing him of being a loudmouth over his remarks about Pakistan ’s record on terrorism. “Well, I think there is a big difference between straight-talking and being a loudmouth,” The Daily Times quoted Miliband, as saying. “Everyone has two ears and one mouth and it is important to use them in that proportion when it comes to foreign policy,” he added. Miliband also accused Cameron of only “telling half the story”, pointing out that thousands of innocent civilians in Pakistan had been killed by terrorism. Cameron caused anger in Islamabad when he warned that Pakistan should not be allowed “to promote the export of terror” in the world. However, the Prime Minister denied that his comments had overshadowed his trip, and maintained that he had good relations with Pakistan . “I don’t think it’s overshadowed anything. I think it’s important to speak frankly and clearly about these issues. I have always done that in the past and will do so in the future,” Cameron said.

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